We ask for a long life, but ‘‘tis deep life, or grand moments, that signify. Let the measure of time be spiritual, not mechanical. ( Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Life is about really living each second making the moments count. We are here to make connections with others as well as connecting back to our real self. 

Life is amazing we grew from one cell into awesome beings but daily we do not celebrate this.  It’s only after the years have passed or this life is threatened we start to really place value on it. 

Every moment is about feeling better and making others feel better. So the question is what have you done today to make yourself feel better and what have you done to make someone else day a bit better? 

A good enriched life filled with love, gratitude, helping others and experiences is better than a long life filled with regret, fear and disconnection. 

Sending love and blessings xx


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