In a chaotic world which is driven by time lines, caffeine, alcohol and stress. Striving for perfection and self comparison to others.
We seem to have lost the pause button and the ability to check in with ourselves to see how we really feel. Consequently we are walk around sleep deprived, nutritionally imbalanced, and time poor. Most days are running on auto pilot causing fatigue and mental over stimulation.
Temporarily we can take medication, alcohol and over eat but your precious amazing priceless bodies will show signs of burnout.
Back to oneness is about becoming more one with yourself as well as with others. When your cells are working optimally your whole body work a succinct healthy unit. Thus allowing life to be more enjoyable on all levels.
As individuals cells of humanity if each one of us is healthy and happy then the whole of humanity will be happy and healthy.
We may not feel we can change the world our responsibility is to change ourself and the world will change one human at a time.
Let’s make this change together.