Harvest of abundance 

Whilst out jogging today I was in complete awe of the changing autumnal colours but also of the abundant horse chestnuts, apples, blackberries and pears. Nature is so generous with its bounty.  Despite this we continue to always operate from a lack mindset. We are sustained and nourished by this beautiful planet and it’s gifts that flow over in excess. The fruits and nuts we are unable to eat feed the animal kingdom which then goes on to replenish the soil with essential nutrients required for future yields. These seeds then grow and yield another abundant harvest the following year.

Eating locally grown produce helps communities thrive but also the reduced transportation which cuts down pollution. We are so blessed in Britain to have green spaces and the weather to supprt the growth of  an array of fruits and vegetables. Eating seasonally works with our own biorhythms since at different parts of the year we need different key nutrients. Learning to part of the food journey opens up your understanding and allows you to make better choices about which foods are best for your body. 

We have a precious amazing body that should be taken care off since you cannot replace it when it gets worn out but nurturing and nourishing sustains it.

Many of us do not really appreciate the splender of the changing autumnal colour it’s nature display but then we all stand out in the cold in November staring up at the fireworks. 

Future advances in technology will mean that our energy can be obtained and stored in a more clean way. The sun is abundant every day with its energy laden rays. So we should no longer be operating in scarcity mode in terms future energy access. 

We all have more free time daily then we think. However we waste so much time by not always doing things that would be in our best interest such as; exercise, eating well, time with our loved ones, engaging with our communities, rest and sleep. 

Reprogram your thoughts and feel the abundance around you. Spend time in nature since it guides and supports us continually. The essayist Emerson said   “If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore.” Sometimes we do not see and appreciate the beauty that’s unfolds in plain sight.

Daily all our basic needs are met so we should feel joyful but we are out of balance , stressed and unhappy. Focusing on all the blessings we have helps to redress this balance. 

Love and kindness are abundantly available go out there and share and receive it daily and it will revitalise your very being.

Sending love and blessings x

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