Grateful heart

A heart filled with gratitude will emit a higher vibration frequency thus allowing you to receive the virtues of love, kindness and abundance.

Sending love and blessings xxx

Happiness in the present moment.

Thomas Mitchell, a farmer, on happiness:

“One of the best secrets of a happy life is the art of extracting comfort and sweetness from every circumstance…

People are always looking for happiness at some future time and in some new thing, or some new set of circumstances, in possession of which they some day expect to find themselves. But the fact is, if happiness is not found now, where we are, and as we are, there is little chance of it ever being found. There is a great deal more happiness around us day by day than we have the sense or power to seek and find.

If we are to cultivate the art of living, we should cultivate the art of extracting sweetness and comfort out of everything, as the bee goes from flower to flower in search of honey.”

Essays on Life Thomas Mitchell Farmer

Sending love and blessings xxxx