New way of thinking about charity

Charity can be a lifestyle, not merely a gift.
Read charitably. Give the author your most favorable interpretation.
Listen charitably. Donate your undivided attention.
Work charitably. Be generous with your expertise.
In this way, you make charity a daily habit.” James clear

James clear the talented writer and author of the book titled – Atomic Habits a definite must read book for self change and self empowerment. Change is self responsibility always starts with us first.

Sending love and blessings xxxx

Everyday Goodness

“It is important to remember that the viciousness and wrongs of life stick out very plainly but that even at the worst times there is a great deal of goodness, kindness, and day-to-day decency that goes unnoticed and makes no headlines.” Issac Asimov

Sending love and blessings xxx