As adults our beliefs are often instilled into us as children. The most common word a child hears daily is “No!”. Our words have to inspire our little ones to make them open to possibilities and not closed off and limited.

Casual non-complimentary statements said to a young impressionable child will leave an imprint and can effect their future self identity.

Children’s subconscious minds absorb information as fact and therefore statements made about them shape their future. This is often where they acquire fears and limitations. In an earlier blog I mentioned how thoughts affect our futures but we have to be aware that our energy and words shape our precious children.

Try to eliminate all the negative statements such as you can not be or you will not amount to much. Why not instead focus on the good traits and build up their confidence? We can tell them when something is unacceptable or dangerous, but pay greater emphasis on actions and behaviours that were positive. It is normally the reverse and we spend more time telling a child off rather than praising them. Open their minds up to love, visualisation and creative possibility.

Remember our current circumstances do not limit our future potential only our self talk and limited imagination does that. Our children have their owns paths they are not vehicles to make our unfulfilled dreams come true. Our roles are to support them with kindness and love. Thus hopefully in the later parts of our lives they will want to care for our wellbeing as we would have cultivated a close bond throughout the years.

Encourage children and enjoy your time with them since in a blink of an eye they will be all grown up and flown the nest. Lead by example; children take on the views and characteristics of their parents. It is often forgotten what an amazing precious gift it is to be a parent and how much unconditional abundant love there is in this unique biological union.

Think about the words you use around our little seedlings since these words will impact on their character when they are older. Shower them with your time, patience plus love and nature will do the rest for you.

Sending love and blessings x

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