The practice of Gratitude 

gratitude-journal2I carry out a daily practice of gratitude and will note things I am grateful for down on my phone or take a photo. Studies show reflecting on the good things that have happened throughout the day dampens down stress hormones and release serotonin the happy hormone. Subsequently this has a knock on effect of boosting the immune system.

We tend to let the last few thoughts in our head whirl around till we finally fall asleep. So doing this practice just before going to bed helps reduce mental tension and when we are relaxed mentally and physically we are more likely to have a restful night sleep.

Sharing my gratitudes for today;

  • The beautiful sunshine warming my skin as I go for a long walk with my family.
  • Freshly picked lemon mint tea.
  • Meeting friends for like minded conversation and being surprised with with a hospitality experience.
  • Lovely watermelon with mint and a squeeze of lime for a great summer pudding.
  • Gratitude that all my friends and family are healthy and safe.
  • Gratitude for the long bank holiday weekend and an extra holiday with loved ones.

Keep a little notebook by the side of your bed and start a gratitude journal and you will automatically start focusing on all the daily blessings. It is also lovely to look back through when energy levels dwindle to help boost you back up.

Sending love and blessings x

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