Instant access all areas


The word wide web allows us to have instant access to information at our finger tips.

The upside is that we are now more globally connected on a virtual level but on a physical level we are now more unconnected with surveys showing more loneliness and isolation. We know intimate details about strangers but may not know the name of the neighbour two doors down from us.

Internet access allows us to be nosey about other peoples lives and we compare our everyday lives to the best edited version’s via social media. This leaves us feeling that we are coming up short, feeling failures and not good enough.

Ultimately we are responsible for what we allow to come into our minds in what we choose to view and listen to. Selectivity is important since the content you watch will affect you on an energy and emotional level. In this 24/7 internet age we can easily find sources of inspiration and therefore uplift and boost our self esteem.

Investment is needed in our own lives rather than focusing too much on what others are doing. Social media is great and has many upsides but as  long as we don’t forget to be social in the physical sense. Real time with family & friends and physical contact  releases the hormone Oxytocin which helps to contract the effects of stress.

Screen time should be carefully regulated and greater time outside should take precedence as this promotes good health via balancing our circadian rhythms and hormones cycles.

Global communities are growing but this should not be at the expense of our local communities. Lets forge more human connections rather than just internet connections!

Sending love and blessings x

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