No more diet just dietary boost


So many diets come and go so if they worked we would not now have the current obesity crisis. A calorie is not a calorie! Calories obtained from healthy non processed foods do not equate equally to a calorie from factory processed foods. Since the perfect ratio of water, fibre, vitamins and minerals are not always replicated in the processing. Also longer term we do not really know the effects of added chemicals on our delicate cells and operating systems.

By dieting we try to reduce calories but also reduce key nutrients essential to our body’s optimal function. Reducing calories slows down our metabolism and also releases more stress hormones gearing our bodies to take up famine survival mode. This is often the reason why most people succeed in losing weight but not maintaining the weight loss.

Since when calories are no longer restricted your body tries to hold on to as much a fat as possible preparing for a future famine. Maybe we should start looking at this a different way feeling grateful for the abundance of food and food choices looking at food with love rather than fear.

Realising it is more about our health and wellbeing than clothes size. What is on the inside counts more in the long run. Health is a priceless commodity and we need to invest in it wisely give us quality longevity rather than just existing for more years.

So no more dieting just dietary boosting, give your body the building blocks it needs and the cravings will ebb away.

Also be aware of the negative thoughts you hold about your body and deferring  your happiness to the scales. The thought that losing weight is so hard is often etched constantly on many peoples minds thoughts create biochemistry so therefore be mindful of what you communicate to your cells.

Treat your bodies with love and kindness and feed them with the best that nature has to offer.

Sending love and blessings x


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