energy_iconThoughts for the Week Ahead

Everything is fundamentally energy one form is converted into another. The reality  we perceive is really electrons whizzing around!

On a daily basis we understand when we are thirsty, hungry and tired but do we check in with our energy meter. Rather than just feel low energy we can start to adjust our energy with a wide array of energy boosters. Understanding what things add to our energy and what things take away our energy.

If we start to feel out of balance we can make ourselves feel better by considering:

  1. Better eating more fruit and vegetables nature has packaged the suns energy into
    a beautiful colourful array of produce for your connivence.
  2. Movement get up this generates kinetic energy. Find movement that you enjoy it doesn’t have to be gym!
  3. Focus on your breathing deeper breathing helps to energise you so if you have to wait for the lift or traffic light whilst you wait take deep slow breaths.
  4. Time out for a break or mediation or mindfulness this helps close down some of those reoccurring thoughts that do not serve you. These negative thoughts can be energy draining.
  5. Consider the people around you are they adding to your energy and inspiring you or are they taking energy and depleting you.
  6. Your free time is your own how you spend it will add to your energy or reduce this energy. Listening to inspiring podcast or reading a book can add to the energy pool, gossiping, judgement about others will take energy from you.
  7. Self love don’t be to hard on yourself learn to find the positive about yourself rather than always focusing on the negatives.  Celebrate the uniqueness! Rather than trying to look and be like someone else.
  8. Kindness towards other adds a big energy boost to yourself.
  9. Early night with some unwinding time prior to help you energise for the next day. This will change the outcomes if you are optimally charged you will make better decisions food choices and also enjoy the day.

Life is about little steps the little changes and the journey becomes enjoyable. Watch your energy and enjoy your life!

Sending love and blessings x

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