Change the inputs and the outcomes take care of themselves.

Paying attention to the little daily inputs in our lives affects future outputs.

Emphasis is placed on trying to change significant inputs and thus outcomes. This approach may often start of with the best of intentions but requires effort and energy to maintain.

Whereas modifying the smaller inputs will still result in positive future changes. Twenty five minutes of meditation may be difficult task but if the input is only set at two or three minutes this is more achievable and maintainable. Moreover this reinforces a positive neural loop and thus allows a new habit to form.

On a daily basis we can assess how we are feeling by checking in with ourselves and if the output is not satisfactory for example if our mood is bit low. We have the choice of doing nothing and thus keep our mindset locked into this emotion or we can start to adjust a few of the inputs.

Just now I felt a bit fatigued after a busy weekend and not as energised as my normal self. I set my attention to change this output. I actively found an uplifting podcast by Dr Joe Dispenza on YouTube this helped me refocus my attention and energy. This was followed by a bath with magnesium salts and listening to Andrea Bocelli which elevated my mood and my internal vibration. Music can take our minds and souls to new places and thus tune into different frequencies of emotions on the energy spectrum.

Whilst I write this I am sipping a night time tea. I feel calm, grateful and more loving. The scene remains the same but the inputs changed. We always have power to choose how we want to feel by changing the inputs in any given moment.

In any situation all the emotional frequencies are available for us to tune into, however, we have to make the shift by turning the internal dial.

Sharing and helping others is the fastest shortcut to lifting our own energies and well-being.

Let’s take care of the inputs of this system called humanity and we will all experience more beauty and positivity on an individual basis and on a collective basis.

Sending love and blessings xxxx

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