Becoming supernatural

To review this week long event is indeed a difficult task since words can not really do it justice. The experience was a phenomenon due to the 900 global attendees, the amazing team, high level of organisation and logistics. Dr Joe delivered his visualised masterclass with humility, passion, grace and supercharged supernatural energy which was palpable throughout the week long event.

One heart one mind, connecting, co creating and collaboration was the thread that ran throughout this frequency lifting week. Uplifting music, heart tugging inspiring life changing stories as well as quietness to hear the inner voice allowed bonding and self actualisation.

Joe is a driven new age master wanting his initiates to listen, process and then relay the information to the person siting next to them thus showing a greater degree of understanding.

I will endeavour to relay a small summary but this will only be a tiny drop from the ocean of knowledge we were given.

His core concepts are when you fire and wire the same circuits in your brain over and over again, you are hardwiring your brain into the same patterns. So your brain become an artefact of past thinking.

Enlightenment means in light of information. How much new information do we actually gain, most of the time the same mental programmes are repeated. Emphasis was placed on reprogramming the old programmes updating the internal operating system. Removing the unconscious negative low frequency thoughts of anger, blame, despair etc with conscious thoughts which have higher frequency such as gratitude, kindness and love.

Just thinking of an old painful experience can produce the same emotions and stress as the actual event itself. Stress can be defined as when your body is knocked out of balance. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between the actual experience and a memory of the experience thus it stimulates the stress response of flight, or fight. If this response is constantly being fired by repeated thoughts of past events it will ultimately lead to illness and disease.

Thoughts create your biology. Albert Einstein said ” The field is the sole governing agency of the particle ” Thus the energy frequency at which we vibrate affects the reality we experience. So change your thoughts change your biology.

We need to turn autopilot off and become conscious get into the present time rather than living in the past or predicting the future based on previous events.

Our energy and attention holds our personal reality together therefore changing where your attention goes affects the energy field. The energy field determines which reality we experience from the infinite possibilities available.

Get back in the driving seat of your life this is an age of information. Knowledge application and repeating results in remodelling.

Much of the time we do not realise that we are the most expensive valuable asset we own, but we invest so little time in ourselves. Taking time to go inwards to discover the real you behind the surface and labels. The silence often reveals more than the noise in our outer worlds.

This is a period of time where there is a merger in the fields of science and spirituality. Where quantum physics now reveals what the mystic’s have said for eons of time.

The week long advanced was abundant in information, challenges, self empowerment techniques but was bountiful on fun, laughter emotions, bonding, connection, team collaboration, as well as on the power of kindness and love.

This is a time for personal re-education and Dr Joe is on the cutting edge of research. Way ahead of the conventional scientific community.

I cannot emphasis how this event would be of benefit ! Really you had to be there.

May I express my huge thanks to all the team, the wonderful attendees and sincerely to Dr Joe for being a influential mentor and inspiration in my life.

Life is to be enjoyed not endured.

So go out there take ownership of your life and live the life you take time to energise into existence.

Sending love and blessings xxx

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