Vibrational energy

We are in essence vibrational beings living in a vibrational world. Harmonics of music amplify or dampen down our intrinsic vibrations.

Music can make our hearts soar and lift us out of a stagnant energy field. However, sometimes even this temporary shift can bring joy and release. For this period of time we are tuning into a different frequency and thus receiving a new vibration of energy.

Our current modern technological age allows us access so many ways to consciously make this shift to a higher energy plane. The smart phones we carry around as appendages gives us instant access to motivational videos, inspiring music and amazing quotes at a touch of a button. Thus, we can take responsibility for our present mindset and know we can change our perspective by changing the internal symphony.

Music sometimes feels as if it talks directly to the heart and for me so many pieces of music help to retune the vibrational internal energy but one of my favourites is Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion “The prayer”.

Listen to how things make you feel and do more of things that lift you but also keep to hand a toolkit of uplifting songs, videos or books to bring you back when the internal energy is slipping.

Sending love and blessings as always xx

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