Messages every where.

This is an infinite universe of energy with so many frequencies which we cannot directly perceive with our five senses. We all receive messages on our phones wireless with signals bouncing back and forth onto electrical devices. Humans are also electrical beings and thus we can also receive messages from this infinite field of energy. When we place our perception on that possibility. I often receive so much comfort and guidance with messages popping up in random ways.

Whilst contemplating whether I should write a blog today with some inner doubts bubbling up. A flyer was pushed through the letter box with the above quote ” keep doing this in remembrance of me” Luke 22:19

I am open to all religions and all philosophies why limit yourself to one band width ? Those who take up any subject with an open mind willing to learn anything that will contribute to their advancement, comfort and happiness are wise.

I am therefore open to all possibilities and willing to experience and enjoy life in all its dimensions. We all really in a collective field of energy picking up each other’s signals so what you emit energetically with be responded back to, but more often than not we are tuned out so do not see the answers or the messages. When we listen to one radio station it does not mean the other stations do not exist we have simply not tuned into that particular frequency.

Tune yourselves into the possibility that we can receive messages and answers and the universe will deliver in abundance.

I would very much like to hear about any messages you all receive so please drop me an email.

Sending love and blessing xx

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