Theory of everything in quite stillness

Stephen Hawkins was asked the question do you struggle to keep up with conversations due to the fact it takes you time to reply he answered with his usual humour if I can not keep up I zone out and start to ponder questions about the universe.

This opens up the question would zoning out from the normal chatter around us allow us to ponder more about our lives and the world. We seem to be continually overloaded and over stimulated with very little reserve energy for creative thought. Maybe the eureka moments lie in the stillness and not in the chaos.

Many individuals struggle with being alone and especially alone with their own thoughts.

An article from the Journal Science claimed that people are unhappy in their own company and would rather prefer a painful experiences to their own thoughts.

Prof Timothy Wilson who led the research at the university of Virginia USA said ” Our study participants consistently demonstrated that they would rather have something to do than to have nothing other than their thoughts for even a fairly brief period of time. Which for this study was a period of 15 mins and a buzzer to elicit a small electric shock.

With increased reports of sleep patterns being disrupted and the quality of sleep being poor more and more people have shorter mental downtime. This has huge effect on our moods, relationships with others as well as physically consequences.

By becoming aware of the power of the quite we can top up our reserves of energy and tap into creativity and thus start to experience the world differently. Our phones run slow when lots of apps are open as well as draining the battery. This is similar to our minds with some thoughts whirring around finding that quite space between thoughts helps to close down some of these unwanted thoughts that deplete our energy and thus allows us to refocus.

Never underestimate the quite stillness for that’s where the answers really lie.

RIP Professor Stephen Hawkins and showing that a great mind transcends physical limitations.

Sending love and blessings xx

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