We live in a culture of more.

In the western world we live in a culture of more. We have been programmed to believe having more will make us happy. We end up in a perpetual cycle of always wanting the next thing to make us happy or then going into declutter mode with numerous visits to recycling centre. To then only start filling the void again.

How many clothes and shoes do we really need in reality. Advertisers constantly bombard us with ads to make us feel less than worthy if we do not have what they are selling to us. The truth is our current generation owns more things and has a level of comfort surpassing previous generations but our level of happiness does not reflect this. We have more virtual friends but loneliness is on the rise. We have an exhaustive list of food choices available at the click of a finger, however, poor health and obesity levels keep rising. We seek more money and fame yet we know this does not always bring happiness and success.

Our basic needs of food water and shelter are met daily unlike in so many other parts of the world. Most individuals in the West have so many time saving technology but report to being time poor. Maybe the focus of more is not a bad thing but we should re-focus on more of the things that help to bring happiness and balance rather than burden and unworthiness.

  • More time in nature.
  • More time for loved ones.
  • More time for yourself.
  • More time to help others.
  • More time for gratitude.
  • More time for good nutrition and exercise.
  • More time for rest, relaxation and sleep.
  • More time to do things you enjoy.

We all have our own unique operating system do not allow the external programming to continue. Reprogram yourself to what is really important to you.

Surely what we all want is to experience more life? The Dalai Lama once said that all people have two fundamental desires: to be happy and to be free of pain. So we should therefore focus on doing more to achieve these outcomes.

Sending love and blessings xxx

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