Is it right …..?

Is it right that that virtual friends take the place of real friends?

Is it right that we know more about the lives of celebrities than about our neighbours?

Is it right that we engage with our virtual circle whilst eating dinner and ignore the loved one sitting next to us?

Is it right that we ignore the wisdom of the older generation and place to much emphasis on age rather than experience?

Is it right that we invest so much time following the lives of soap characters rather than investing time in our own lives?

Is it right that women are paid less for working the same job as a man ?

Is it right that so many people live in poverty in the world whilst others over consume and throw out some much food daily?

Is it right for countries to spend more on defence than on education which would empower and enrich the future generation so that harmony and working together options could be pursued instead of war?

Is it right to pollute the planet and not be concerned about the impact for future generations?

Is it right that we feel stressed and overwhelmed but do nothing to rebalance ?

Is it right to feel that as an individual you can not make a difference?

The reality is we can all as individuals be instrumental in the change for good.

Sending love and blessings xxxx

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