Mental nourishment 

Box sets of TV dramas may help you relax and unwind but I find listening or watching inspirational stories and ideas uplifting and expansive, thought proving as well as recharging. 

I am a huge fan of Oprah’s Super soul conversations series available as podcast. Recently she interviewed Eckhart Tolle a very humbling and grounding conversation.  

Also on the list of inspiration for the ears has to be the Hay house podcasts and HayHouse radio. Amazing motivational speakers sharing their messages and life experiences. 

Audible books are also a great way to increase your knowledge as well as unwinding after a busy day.

Technology is such a great advancement. Information is available at our finger tips 24/7. But we have responsibility of how we utilise this medium. We have to take ownership for our personal development plans and advancement in seeking greater knowledge and understanding. 

We are directly influenced by the people around us as well as the virtual world we hang around in. So chose wisely for your own inner balance and mental elevation.

Sending love and blessing as always xxx

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