Updating your neuroprogrammes


“What we think we become” – Buddha.

Learning is an ongoing process and after attending the amazing TCCHE conference this weekend my energy levels soared through the roof. A fantastic host of speakers and attendees as well as a fabulous organising team. The three stand out speakers and my personal favourites were Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden.

The inspiring Dr Dispenza often says once you have understood a concept one should be able to relay it to others to reveal your own level of understanding. This also imprints the new information into the subconscious mind. Therefore, I will attempt to summarise the key research presented this weekend from this brilliant group of scientists and amazing speakers.

Belief effects your biology; change your belief and change your biology. The mind is composed of the conscious and subconscious mind with the subconscious running the show 95% of the time. The operating system of your subconscious minds downloads programmes of belief from the time you are born till about the age of 7. This is often why the Jesuit’s enthused, “Give me a child for the first seven years and I’ll give you the man”. During these first seven years the brain’s operating system is in Delta and Theta which is a hypnotic like state. Therefore telling a child that they will never be good at something will create a programme of this belief which is then coded in the subconscious mind. Our children are our precious seedlings we need to nourish their thoughts with self belief during this important window of time in their early lives. Also we need to lead by example since they will model and mirror our behaviour.

We have been led to believe that genes produce our biology. This theory no longer holds true. The growing field of epigenetic allows us to understand how proteins related to the DNA are up regulated and down regulated and thus whether the gene is expressed or not. Just because you have the faulty gene it does not mean you will go on to get the condition. External factors such as stress, diet, beliefs, smoking etc can effect gene expression. We can influence our genetic profile with changes to our lifestyles and changing our beliefs. The human genome project revealed that we have the same amount of genes as a worm! So there has to be more to it than just genes.

On a cellular level the cell membrane is the real brain of the cell and not the nucleus. The proteins that are part of this vital cell wall are affected by external signals e.g. stress hormones and even electromagnetic fields. When you feel happy the brain releases dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin and growth hormones and you are in repair and growth mode, however, when you experience fear, resentment and anger the brain will release cortisol, noradrenaline, cytokines and histamine this supports protection but not growth and repair.

When cells are grown in the laboratory they require a culture medium. In the body the culture medium is blood. What you eat, drink, think and believe will become this culture medium and therefore effect the growth of your cells and thus your future biology. Our bodies are comprised of 50 trillion cells we are really just a colony of cells. So we need to make the environment supportive for optimal cell growth.

The word atom means uncuttable in Greek since it was thought to be the smallest particle but quantum physics now reveals that the atom is not composed of particles but vortices of energy fields. Fundamentally we experience the whole world around us as an energy field even though it feels solid. When we see an object we are in fact seeing light bouncing off the image and this light signal is converted by internal signal in the brain to form an image inside our own heads. When we hear sound we are again getting a signal of energy vibration percussing the small bones in our ears to generate a signal to create sound in our own heads. When we touch it is one energy force pushing against another energy force. When we go around in the world we are just energy fields coming together and this explains why with some individuals you get good vibes and with other it feels less pleasurable. When our energy is in harmony with another there is amplitude effect the energy is expanded and hence we feel energised. The opposite can leave us energy drained and depleted. Entanglement of energy can explain why we can sense something is amiss with our nearest and dearest even when they are separated with distance from us.

Our personal energy creates a field of energy around us and new scientific equipment is able to demonstrate this. Every molecule in the universe emits and absorbs unique wavelength of light. These energy fields effect us both externally and internally in our health, emotions and interactions with others. Our own energy creates a resonance which acts like a tuning fork and thus the experiences we tune into.

“The field is the sole governing agency of particles” Albert Einstein.

We can not see this field of energy but it has an effect on every living cell so it is vitally important to gain a greater understanding of this energy. Ancient civilisations understood this better than the modern age the Chinese referred to it as the chi and the word yoga means to join.

In order for our bodies to receive this vital energy we need to up regulate receptors which act as antennae for this energy. This has been demonstrated through the practice of meditation and changing belief systems as well brain-heart harmonisation. Recent research has revealed that the heart has 40,000 sensory neurites i.e. brain cells (Armour 1994). Therefore we do not just process information with our brains. Our organs work together like any other system but modern medicine focuses on each individual organ. By expanding our knowledge of how the heart and brain work together it can reveal an  insight to heart brain harmony.  The benefits of this harmony have been found to be:

  • Extraordinary states of deep intuition
  • Connection to subconscious
  • Deep awareness and super information processing
  • Triggers 1300 positive biochemical reactions
  • Boost immune system
  • Gives a deeper sense of resilience

When we get into an argument with a partner our heart rate become elevated with a release of stress hormones but even after the argument has been resolved the heart rate remains elevated for some time after the event since we are poor at self regulation. This has consequences on our biology since in this heightened stress state we are not able to repair or renew and bystander damage is occurring internally.

This brain heart harmonisation is measured by monitoring the heart rate variability with ECG as well as measuring brain activity using EEG. The technique involved getting into a relaxed state by taking deep slow breaths and bringing your awareness to your heart with thoughts of gratitude, kindness and compassion.

The technique was taught to soldiers and police officers in the US. So after a threat was over they could self regulate their brain activity and heart rates back to base line levels thereby allowing the body to rest and repair. This had a huge benefit to their well being but also on their relationships since they had dissipated the stressed state and were no longer in fight mode. This research was carried out by the institute of Heartmath in the USA and was found to be better than pharmaceutical alternatives.

“Without thinking of the letters listen to the language of the heart” Rumi.

The brain also has highly specialised cells called mirror neurones They can be defined as a neurone that fires both when someone has an experience and when someone witness an experience.

This can be demonstrated when we are weaning a child we try to get them to open their mouth by us opening ours. This is mirroring. The mirror neurones are located in the parietal, frontal and occipital lobes of the brain. So what we mirror to the world is reflected back to us. If we reflect happiness we will get back happiness if we reflect fear this will be reflected back. The world around us reveals a lot about how we are really feeling.


We feel we are conscious and highly aware of the world around us but are we really

Try doing the awareness test below –

The old theory that we do not generate new brain cells and synaptic connection no longer holds true. Our bodies have an array of stem cells ready to become what we need them to be, they just the need the right signal or input from us. New scanning equipment reveals how neurons are really mobile social cells ready to make new connections but also have the capacity to break old connections. So new behaviour, beliefs and programmes can replace those that do not serve us well. We can really upgrade ourselves not just our phones.

Our current programmes are a collection of old beliefs and habits and we do not question our thinking and revaluate it with new knowledge and information. The better we know ourselves the better choices we can make .

Our bodies are comprised of highly sophisticated energy systems often referred to as the chakras. Understanding how this energy can be unlocked or added to affects the experience we have daily. A huge amount of energy is locked into the lower centres of reproduction and digestion. Increasing the flow of this energy up to the higher centres opens up a field of energy and thus our ability to interact with the energy field around us. This is often done in Kundalini yoga/meditation. Feeding energy up into the pineal gland in the brain can open up greater insights and experiences. Energy flooding into the brain helps to align with a greater energy field but also restoring the bodies energy and resonance.

Dr Joe Dispenza has painstakingly carried out neuroscience research measuring brain activity and energy levels in the brain. During relaxed and meditative states individuals brain activity is off the scale. Once out of this state they report a greater awareness, feel physically better and greater sense of connection with world. The brain has neuroplasity so we can change our personal reality, nerve cells that wire together stay together and create new neural networks. We need to take command back for our bodies rather than our bodies commanding us. For example you would like to get fitter you decide in your mind that you will go for a run tomorrow the following day when you think about going for a run your body tries to talk you out of it telling you it is going to rain, you are too tired, start tomorrow etc. We need to become the new person in order to override this thought and go for the run and then next time it happens again we override it again. Eventually these thoughts will diminish and the feelings of being healthy and fitter will be more dominant.

I am emphasising that your thoughts create your biology again. The interesting part of this is that a study revealed how a group were asked to imagine doing biceps curls in their minds with another group actually doing biceps curls. Both groups had increased muscle mass.Demonstrating that your body reacts to your thoughts as well as you actual physical actions.

By not making the same choice as the day before you mould yourself into the new better you. Hold the vision of this upgraded person in your mind and generate thoughts,  feelings and actions of how this new you would feel. This will produce new biochemistry and new neural networks and ultimately replace the old habits and behaviour. This may initially feel difficult and uncomfortable but this is the road you have to cross to change.

Everything starts with a thought, thinking to doing to being.

We think between 60-70,000 thoughts every day but 90% of these thoughts are repeated from the day before, so no new information is being added and no new neural connections are being made. So therefore the same thoughts create the same reality. If you want to create a new reality you have to examine the thoughts you have been thinking and change them. Notice behaviour, habits and emotions related to past experiences and start to alter them. New learning and new knowledge produces new synaptic connections. Research has shown that this rewiring process takes as little as 72hours.

Just thinking of an old painful experience can produce the same emotions and stress as the actual event itself. Stress can be defined as when your body is knocked out of balance. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between the actual experience and a memory of the experience thus it stimulates the stress response of flight or fight. If this response is constantly being fired by repeated thoughts of past events it will ultimately lead to illness and disease.

By starting to observe our thought patterns we can start to change them and these circuits in the brain will ultimately become disconnected and new circuits can be connected. You can start to learn a new way of being this allows your brain to start to work differently producing a new state of mind you can create a new intention of behaviour in your mind of how you would react if a similar situation was to manifest in the future. This allows old neural connections and old memories to be pruned away and neural growth factor seals new connections of the new behaviour in the brain. Reinforcing and repeating this new behaviour hard wires it into the subconscious mind and new programmes become automatic behaviour. This new behaviour is now part of your very being and you no longer have to think about it. A bit like driving a car initially it seemed difficult but with repetition it has become like an autopilot.

In conclusion the standout message from all the talks from the conference was about taking back power ownership of our lives. We are not at the mercy of others, situations, environment, biology and genetics. We are amazing unique individuals in a field of possibilities with an amazing sophisticated operating systems, which we must learn to modify, adapt and understand. Using all the tools mentioned to get a life we want to live being the person we choose to be.

This exercise of trying to recall the information has been hugely beneficial for me and I hope reading about this has been insightful for you.

A huge thank you to this trail blazing scientific community.

Sending love and blessings x

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