Time is indeed in your hands



Time is indeed a precious commodity after all do we know how much time we have left in this lifetime? Yet so much time is wasted daily on mindless tasks which do not benefit ourselves or others. The rise of the  social media era has depleted more of our valuable time. It seems we invest more of our free time prying into others lives instead of investing time and energy into our own.

Most people will grumble about doing a 15 minute work out but we can easily spend 30 minutes or more on smart devices browsing the internet or on social media. Prioritising time for things that make us feel better is an essential daily requirement. Becoming aware of how we utilise our time means we can take back control. Reducing time wastage allows more free time to engage in activities which will boost our energy and happiness.

A lot can be achieved in a working day if you have the correct mindset but our brains tell us we are too tired or we put off things to another time. Even when I feel tired I try to incorporate exercise even if it is just ten minutes since this helps to shake off stress hormones and improve mood. Another daily requirement is time for meditation or some quiet time to allow your brain to close down some of the programs you have been running all day and to reboot and therefore improve its function. Time with friends and loved ones should never be undervalued as it is very important daily so do not put your virtual friends ahead of your real friends and family.

Time is so precious since we do not know how many seconds we have been allocated therefore utilise it with more conscious care and you will be able to fit more into this lifetime than you imagined.

Take care of what you do with the seconds and the minutes and hours will produce a well lived life.

Sending love and blessings x


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