Self Vs Selfie



With smart devices at our finger tips there has been an exponential rise in photographs taken with the star of the show often being the owner of the device. These selfies are then often shared via social media to try and depict an interesting personality and life.

There seems to a be an online social pressure to be doing something amazing and then share it. Others viewing from the sidelines can often feel that they come up short by having ordinary lives in comparison. The reality is that some of this content is hyped up and fabricated since it will shared online. Nobody really shares a picture of themselves doing normal everyday tasks or the amazing view from your hotel balcony does not show the building site next-door.

So much time and effort is invested on our perceived image to a virtual world of contacts and strangers in order to fill voids in our real lives. This media front of photographs is has a thin veil and often do not reveal the real story behind the images. Clever lighting and angles trying to show ourselves in the best possible light.

Ego’s are boosted or knocked back based on likes and followers. Whole self worth is defined by the numbers of hits or likes. The reality is that if you have some real passion or purpose it is natural that others will want to follow you and gaining followers is a side effect. This is where I see real benefit if others can be helped by what you have to share.

I feel due to this constant online pressure individuals are starting to feel compelled to invest their time and energy into there real self rather than in the selfie. Understanding what actually makes them happy and adds to their own happiness rather than following the masses. Working on real self image and self esteem and therefore taking back inner power and feeling worthy despite what others may be sharing. Appreciating our uniqueness and our own interests and skills sets is the real key to long term happiness try to make ourselves similar to others robs us of our happiness.

Enjoy social media and this virtual world but do not be defined by it find images and sites which empower you rather than making you feel unworthy. Sometimes beautiful scenes and sights are there to be viewed by the naked eye so that we can really drink it in just for ourselves in precious private moments of awe and contemplation. I feel sometimes the beauty of a moment is lost in the panic to try and take a photo.

Sending love and Blessings x

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