Internal Operating System


remote control for your body


Everything we feel with our five senses is essentially energy in vibrations and as much as something may look and feel solid it is fundamentally energy in vibrations. As we need to maintain our oxygen, food and electrolytes in equilibrium for optimal wellbeing we also need to be aware of our energy balance.

We are armed with so many ways in which we can top up our energy levels; listening to feel good music, movement, speaking to a loved one, meditation or being outdoors in nature. It is like life has given us a remote control to change the programme playing in our heads, however we decide to continue with the same negative thoughts and thus allow the mood to linger. We could choose to recognise how we feel and take proactive measures to try and shift the energy and therefore start to feel better by doing more of what feels good to us.

Like most worthwhile things this takes practice. We can maintain relatively good control over our physical bodies but it is harder to reign in old thought patterns which often seem to be stuck on repeat. Just recognising what sound track is playing in your head is a good step in them trying to change the thoughts using the means mentioned above. Ultimately allowing us to be more proactive than just reactive about what happens in our lives. Thinking the same thoughts over and over again depletes your energy trying to look at things differently rewires your brain with new connections thus helping boost energy and restore the internal balance.

Have your emergency mind first aid pack to hand

1-A few positive mental images that you can revert to can make you feel better and relax

2- Feel good songs which boost your energy with singing along will help dissipate stress.

3- A feel good movie which transports you to a different vibration and helps you shift out of your current vibration even if it is temporary you will still benefit mentally and physically.

4- A good friend or family member on speed dial to talk your worries and concerns over like the old phase a problem shared is a problem halved.

5- Any kind of movement whether it is just stretching, dancing or walking adds energy to your reservoir. Often we feel we do not have the energy to do anything physical but exercise works like a dynamo and we end up energised.

6- Nature is abundant with energy, the wind, trees, the sunbeams radiating down on you so getting outdoors helps dwindling energy levels. Natural light helps to harmonise our natural circadian hormones.

7- Meditation and focus breath work helps to calm down the inner turmoil and close down some of the programs you do not currently need helping to save energy and also shift you to a calmer vibration.

We register when we are hungry or thirsty and take steps to rectify these yet we seem to ignore the signs of mood shifting. Learning to understand that we have more power over how we choose to feel helps to liberate us from repeated cycles. Setting out to proactively do more of what makes us feel good even though this may be a bit selfish at times. Since ultimately if our own battery is full we can better address the needs of others.

Our bodies have a very complex operating system but we lug it around with little curiosity and wonder of how this amazing machine works. We can all operate our smart phones more expertly than our own bodies. Become an expert on your own bodies internal operating system and it will be more than just a container for your organs.

Learn to recognise how the subtle variations in breathing, posture and thoughts have on the working of the whole body. After all yoga postures are about restoring energy balance rather than exercise. The word yoga actually means reunion back with source energy.

Our mind body soul is a priceless perfect union take the time to find out about its wonder and perfection. So fit your own energy smart meter and keep the meter topped up.

Sending love and Blessings x

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