Relationships challenge us daily. Initially during the honeymoon period we only see the positive qualities in the other person but then over time we start to focus more on the negative qualities, with the cute habits now a great source of irritation.

Refocusing on all the great qualities of your partner can help shift the energy of a relationship and when one person changes the other often reciprocates with kindness and love.

Another person can never be responsible for our happiness. Maybe that line from Jerry McGuire you complete me has done a great disservice since no one but ourselves can complete us.

Self empowerment actually strengthens our relationship’s with every person we meet since we attract like minded souls. Ultimately we are really on our own soul journey of experience and this realisation allows us to see the uniqueness of others rather than trying to remould them.

Every relationship teaches us something about ourself a bit like a mirror. What is your relationship reflecting back at you?

Often during the age of about forty onwards we start analysing and questioning relationships. The mid-life crisis occurs once we realise that others and material things we have been striving for can not make us happy. We need to seek out love for ourselves rather than seeking out love from others. Since if you can not love yourself how do you expect others to love you.

Two people join together in a relationship hoping they will be stronger together only to find that they have less joy, excitement and contentment. They have less since a lot of their individuality is given up to stay in the relationship.

Working on making your self happy is the fastest way to improve your relationships. Since you are able to come from a place of strength, joy and happiness. This then reflects out onto all your loved ones.

It is always much easier being around joyful positive people; be the change you want to see in others.

Sending love and Blessings x

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